General FAQs

📌 What is $omZETA?

Liquid Staking Protocol: This allows users to stake their $ZETA tokens in return for a liquid token, known as $omZeta. Holding $omZeta offers the dual benefit of staking rewards, providing liquidity, and earning rewards.

Stake pools in Zeta combine multiple validator nodes, allowing delegators to stake with various validators at once and receive a liquid token like $omZeta for DeFi use.

These pools aid in network decentralization by distributing stakes across different validators, each with specific selection criteria and strategies. $omZeta, for instance, balances high yields with decentralization goals, requiring nodes to meet performance and decentralization standards for stake eligibility.

📌 What is Points in Omnipool?

Omnipool Points are a number of points that evaluate each user's level of dedication to the project and will be rewarded based on their contribution.

📌 How long after requesting Unstake can I claim $ZETA?

Unstaking $ZETA takes 21-22 days, or you can sell the ZETA Claims NFT on NFT marketplaces, or you can swap instantly on our DEX partners.

📌 What is ZETA Claims NFT?

When you unstake your $ZETA, you will get an NFT called a ZETA Claims NFT. This NFT allows the holders to redeem the specified amount at the end of the pending period. There are currently 2 ways to use the ZETA Claims NFT.

  1. Hold it until the unlock date. You can claim your $ZETA after the specified pending period has ended.

  2. Trade it in a secondary NFT marketplace (coming soon...).

📌 How can I earn my yield?

The token's yield shows up in its price rather than an ongoing distribution.

At launch, 1 $omZETA = 1 $ZETA. As rewards accumulate, $omZETA will increase in value in comparison to $ZETA (for example, 1.05 $ZETA per $omZETA). The price appreciation ensures that all $omZETA holders receive yield no matter how the token is held.

📌 What are stake rewards?

Validators earn new $ZETA tokens in exchange for voting on new blocks as they are issued. This issuance (or inflation) occurs every epoch (21-22 days). Validators transmit this on to their stakeholders, less a commission.

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